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A new place to dream

What is the Nordland-Park?

Nordland Park is what is missing in (northern) Germany: a fantastically themed amusement park with exciting stories, cinematically designed adventures and a huge amount of fun and adventure for the whole family. The park should be innovatively designed, modern, (environmentally) friendly and above all full of experiences.

We want to develop a new place to dream. We - that should be everyone who would like to participate in this project. The community should be at the center of our work through interactive livestreams and conversations, so that we can create the best park together.

The initial thoughts and plans have been there since 2017, and they have been & are constantly being developed since then during our time at school and university. The team is also growing, so Nordland Park can build on a broad creative group of highly talented people.

Who does something like that?

Nordland-Park consists of the founders Bennet Martins, Steffen Kahl and a broad and diverse team.

Most of them got to know each other during their time at school, where the first ideas and concepts for the park were born. Over the years of study, the plans were further embellished and the team continuously expanded.

The team now ranges from creative game and graphic designers to computer scientists and economists. Through this mixture, the park can be optimally designed and planned and evaluated from different angles.

More about us

Become part of the project!

You want to develop the Nordland-Park together with us? We are looking forward to your application!

It doesn't matter if you want to contribute a few ideas, plan more extensive concepts or help with the creation of the business plan: We would be very happy if you would join our team.

Of course, you don't have to become a team member directly - via active participation on our social media channels & our Discord channel or by sharing our project, you can support Nordland Park as well.

We are happy about every participation and every application!