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The founders of the project

Together with a small team of independent artists, designers, programmers, sound designers etc. we would like to bring Nordland-Park to life.

Steffen Kahl

Creative CEO

I have loved amusement parks since I first visited them and have always been fascinated by the mechanics and systems that other parks use to provide the best possible experience for visitors. Now I would like to do the same in our park.

Bennet Martins

Managing CEO

Through theme parks you can escape from everyday life and be enchanted. I would like to create a magical place and thus provide every visitor with wonderful hours, no matter if through great theming or great roller coasters. Let’s do it!

Philip Martins

Management Assistant

I have always liked to ride roller coasters and help my friends with projects. Now I’m happy to be part of this project and to finally be able to design a park myself.

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