The Nordland Band

The Nordland band is intended to support the modern technology of the amusement park. At the beginning of their visit, each guest receives such a tape, which is equipped with NFC technology. Personal as well as general data are stored on it, which make a stay in the park more pleasant and easier.

We once summarized what data the system should store and how this data is of great benefit to our guests:

Persönliche Daten speichern
The card should store the following personal data:

– Approximate height (for attractions size restrictions)

– Child / Teen / Adult / Senior

– Parking date and time

– Experience Pass

– Purchasing history


– First name

– Surname

– Allergies

– Ride Counter (counts rides on attractions)

Bezahlen per Nordland-Band
If you're walking around the park with the Nordland band, you never have to pull your wallet. The card serves as a store of purchases, which must only be compensated when leaving the park. Comparable to the system in many swimming pools.

To pay for a meal, simply hold the card to the designated panel and enjoy the meal. Payment will come later at one of the many vending machines in the park.

Kontrolle über Käufe und Tagesverlauf
With the help of his tape, every Nordland band carrier can easily find out how much money he has already spent and what his previous day looked like.

In the park there will be vending machines where you can clearly see a purchase history and (if activated) see how many times you have already used which attraction. For a more relaxed day at Nordland Park.

As data protection is becoming an increasingly important issue today, Nordland Park is, of course, doing its duty to protect customers from misuse of their data. For this purpose, only individual and general data are stored in the system:

– Age group

– Open invoices

– Paid invoices

– Ride Counter

The remaining data is deleted when leaving the park, so that the tape is ready for use the next day after a disinfection.

This volume is intended to promote a simpler process in the park and to make possible new functions that are otherwise unthinkable.

A visit, a bracelet, an experience. And that for everyone.

Steffen Kahl

Special variations

There are many different motifs that can be printed on the Nordland bands. Thus, even in groups you can clearly distinguish to whom which band belongs.

While every normal guest receives a Nordland band with a special design, special Nordland bands can also be bought/won. This includes, on the one hand, season tickets, which are valid for an entire season. But also the Nordland band Gold. This can mainly only be obtained and offers special advantages such as food at very reasonable prices or free drinks.

More precise advantages for the Nordland band Gold will follow.

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