Our work classes

Our work classes enable us to be able to give all employees a fair wage. For this purpose, we have developed 5 different classes, which we present here:

A: Alpha Team

This is the work class for all more complex administrative tasks and organizational excellence. This includes, among others, team leaders, accounting and management.

C: Creative Team

This work class includes all employees who belong to the Imagineering area. So mechanics, artists and creative developers. This team is primarily designed to develop new ideas with the help of the community. Prototypes are also produced for this purpose or even the finished scenery objects for the park are built. A very creative work class that comes into little contact with the guests and rather sits in your own office.

T: Technic Team

This team consists of mechanics, electronics technicians, technicians and computer scientists. It is responsible for ensuring that the technical things run around the park and that everything is safe. It will also often work with the Interact team to create special worlds. These tasks include, among other things, the daily checks of rides. As well as caretaker technical tasks, such as replacing lamps or repairing snack machines.

I: Interact Team

This includes, on the one hand, the crew members (operators of attractions and signposts), but also, in general, all employees who contact the guests directly. This work class has to be human-friendly and try to please all guests. The employees at the cash desks and the information booths are also members of this team.

M: Magic Team

The team that makes the magic possible in the first place and ensures that the guests can stay in this enchanted world. These include the cleaners, the monitoring group and the kitchen aids. All those who make sure that the park stays running behind the scenes.

Special features of these work classes

The special feature of these work classes is the division into groups which can work more easily together and thus be able to distribute work more well among themselves. Each team has a team leader from the alpha team to make sure their team does everything right. However, this also allows the Alpha team to exchange ideas and discuss what is not going so well in the individual teams or what needs to be changed in the park. So there is a simple, transparent structure in which every employee knows what to do and who to turn to if something is wrong. In addition, all members of a team have the same salary. This prevents discussions on salary and you know how much money you get for your work. This does not mean, in turn, that there are no subsidies for special tasks from time to time, for which particular efforts should be made.

More information

Here you will find more information about the planned Nordland Park:

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