Become part of our team

We are not very many people, but we want to do something big. A good team is extremely important for this. You can become a part of the NLP Dream Team!

Not just any working team

We are not just forming any group of people working together. We form a team that together makes a dream come true. To do this, each part of the group must work with every other part of the group. To do this, each member of the team must be willing to apply their knowledge to new areas.

We are looking for different experts for different fields. Different experiences and minds to get us as far as possible.

An important mission

There is no one in the world who can do everything you need for an amusement park. There are only many people who together master everything that is needed. We are looking for people with visions and ideas. experts in their field. Or simply interested people who want to achieve something. People from technology, creative work and the media sector. All these people who share our dream of a new theme park in Northern Germany.

We are specifically looking for:

  • Persons with experience in accounting and financial planning
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Landscape architects
  • Architects
  • Event Manager
  • Modellers
  • 3D artist
  • Video producers
  • Composers
  • Photographers
  • Mechanic
  • Artists
  • Computer science
  • People with experience in gastronomy
  • Creative people who want to help shape the park

If you are looking for a new challenge, please contact us.

Application and Dreamteam setup

To apply, you simply need to write an email to Please send your qualifications and some personal information with you.
However, we need the following data from you:

  • Your highest school leaving certificate / Your currently attended school
  • Your age
  • What experiences do you have in which areas
  • Why you want to join the team
  • A picture of you (doesn't have to be a passport picture, but you should be recognizable)

Since this whole project is more of a creative work, try to apply with qualifications or sample works from outside the school. For us, grades are more of a second thing. We want you to be creative and motivated enough to support us in our project.

At the end of the team building phase we want to have about 15 people in the planning team, so the places are limited. And of these 15 people, each should have their own special area to support the team with.


Since we are only in the construction phase and our park does not yet drop a penny with which we could pay our team employees, there is no salary for a membership in the NLP dream team. However, as soon as the park is in place and we earn revenue, all team members who have helped properly will be included in our Alpha work class. So the working class of the park, which receives the highest salary and the highest status in the park. No one stops you from working differently during the planning period. And you can look to a future with a fixed workplace that is guaranteed to make ends meet. For our team members there will also be accommodation next to the park, where you can stay for free if desired.

So it's worth joining the team

More information

Here you will find more information about the planned Nordland Park:

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